Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Part 2: Projects That Require a General Contractor

From simple upgrades that you can do yourself, to a complete overhaul that requires professional expertise, improving your home’s curb appeal is well worth the time and effort. Not only will giving the exterior of your home a facelift make a lasting impression on all who visit, some exterior changes can increase the value of your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing if you choose to put it on the market. While some projects such as replacing front door hardware or planting a flower garden can be done by handy homeowners, other projects such as adding shutters or dormers require the skill of a contractor. Here are some of our favorite curb appeal projects that’ll dramatically up the wow factor for your home’s exterior.

Enchanted Entry

The front entryway is often the main focal point of the façade of the home. There are many ways to enhance or redefine the architecture of the entryway to enrich your home’s aesthetic. Add structural beauty to the façade by framing the doorway with an arched or peaked overhang, or adding a portico and columns. Installing an arbor, trellis, or pergola in your front yard also gives your home’s exterior instant personality. Just one of these structures can define the front area of your home while supplying structure and beauty.

Stylish Shutters

Historically, shutters served a utilitarian purpose: to protect against the elements, animals and insects. Over time, shutters have taken on a more decorative role. Create a friendlier façade by installing shutters. Shutters are a great way to introduce a pop of color to your exterior by painting them an accent color.


Similar to shutters, adding trim or decorative exterior molding around the windows and roofline gives your home a finished, defined look. Painting the trim in a contrasting color from the main color scheme also adds visual dimension. For example, if the color of your home’s exterior is an earthy-color, such as grey or clapboard-brown, painting the trim a bright white will give a subtle, but effective contrast to the color scheme.

Dapper Dormers

A dormer, also called a dormer window, is a window that projects out from a slanted roof. Dormers add height and a visual break to the roof.  Dormers come in different styles to complement diverse architectural styles. The five common dormer types are: gable, shed, hipped, eyebrow, and segmental. For a charming touch, add flower boxes to your dormer windows.

Fence It In

It’s no wonder the iconic picket fence has been decorating yards for decades–it gives any front yard a bit of storybook charm. Luckily, low-maintenance vinyl fencing options are available that resist rotting, chipping, and fading. Choose from one of the many ornamental styles and color finishes available.

Driveway Dress Up

In addition to patching unsightly cracks and holes in your driveway, dress up your plain, asphalt driveway by installing a border along the edge using pavers, bricks, or stone. Decorative edging will bring your driveway to life.

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